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Meet Darren Mitchell


My name is Darren Mitchell, I was born in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia and moved to Melbourne on the mainland when I was 16. 


I’m not from a dancing background but my love of music, especially country music has always been there and whilst taking my horses to a local horse show, I heard country music playing. My curiosity took hold. I wanted to know what was going on and this is where, when and how I discovered line dancing.


It’s no secret I quit several times but 26 years later I am still here and running a very successful club, Cheyenne On Queue. I hold eight classes a week from Beginners to Intermediates as well as running regular social events and workshops.


Over the years, I have delved into the art of choreography with some great successes along the way. Lonely Drum, although my biggest success, is not  my only one. Here in Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Asia, I have had huge successes with dances such as “Man Of My Word” – Australian Dance of the year. “I Need You Now” – Immediate Dance of the Year at the Mildura Country Music Festival. “Missing” “Words” “Countryholic” and many many more.


Cynthia Rennolds and I are the co-owners of an Australian line dancing magazine “Oz In Line” which has been in print for seven years. It is a monthly hardcopy magazine and is sold right across Australia.


My other hobbies include horses and playing golf with my loving partner of five years, John Meijer.  In my spare time, when I have some, I love to potter around my vegetable garden. But now, I have a new adventure, as a DJ presenter for Linedancer Radio which I’m very proud to be a part of.


Join me on the air waves.

A selection of Darren's Choreography

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