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I had my first taste of linedancing over 20 years ago when i went to Millport with my Mum Jean, my sister Lainy and Auntie Bell and when we arrived I can remember sitting way down in the back of the car thinking "OMG they all mad...!"

I came home from there fully kitted out with a hat, boots and neck tie and I LOVED it…

I went to a local class and soon realised I could pick the dances up no problem and as the teacher was leaving I was asked to take over!
I sat my D&G and the rest as you all know is history!

I do monthly socials and hold three weekends a year Carlisle In April, Aberfoyle In September and I've just started a new one with my dear friend Andrena in Bannockburn in July

I have also  just had my 20th Annual Festival which I do  every February and a mini festival in September which I DJ at all my events.

For the past 11 years I have been working for KingsHill holidays and there I have met hundreds of new friends along the way, one of them being my amazing husband Steve, i just know I couldn't do any of this with out him by my side between him and my amazing family I have a fantastic support network

I started to do choreography about 10 years ago but nothing worked until Cecilia with the lovely Willie Brown, I think that was really the start of my enthusiasm to keep me writing and I have to say I really enjoy all the stress that goes with it as like many choreographers you always hope that any dance you do will get done but I was totally blown away with not only the response to Cecilia or The Real Deal but with Missing my goodness it went worldwide and is still hard to believe that its 20 months down the line and still in the top 3! To be nominated for a CBA is fantastic and I feel very blessed that dancers took the time to vote but to see your dance fill the floor is beyond words!

I took a break from dancing and working in September 2015 due to Breast cancer but I'm happy to say after getting rid of it and having treatment I'm now living every moment of my life.


I will never forget the support I got from everyone in the our amazing dance family and my family / friends especially LDF who helped provide me with financial assistance at my difficult time. I am now the Ambassador for Scotland for the LDF and I feel very proud to be part of this fab charity

I have 3 classes a week,  2 beginners and a Tuesday class that get anything. My club name is the Bootleggers who I am extremely proud of, they keep me going. I just love teaching others its a great feeling when you have hosted a class / event / workshop and you see every one dancing what you have taught its just magic.

On to my family!
I have my beautiful Mum Jean who used to dance but due to health issues had to stop but always my big supporter along with my 4 sisters Jackie, Carole, Lainy & Sonia. I also have a step mum Agnes.

Between Steve and I we have a big family.
I have two sons, Lee my oldest who has a fiancé Leanne and a baby girl called Lily, Gregor who is married to my lovely Daughter in Law Kayleigh.
Steve has two girls Claire his oldest who has a daughter Louise and Pamela who has our baby boy Hayden & we have Millie our dog!

My other hobbies are walking and reading and now I have another new adventure! A DJ presenter  on the Linedance Radio which is awesome! I am extremely proud to be part of this great team


Monday Mix up & A Blether with Heather playlists on Mixcloud

A selection of Heather's favourite photos

A selection of Heather's Choreography

Links to Heather´s stepsheets on Linedancer & Copperknob

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