Meet Tino Herger


I was born in 1971 right in the heart of Switzerland in a very rural area but moved to “the city” (Basel) as soon as I was able to pay for a small apartment by myself. My great-grandmother was from Bohemia and had roots of a line of gypsies. This may be the reason that I started to travel the world at a rather young age – and working with an airline certainly helped

It’s now exactly 20 years ago that I met my partner for life and due to the fact that he is a more settled person, my urge to travel has subsided quite a bit and we are now enjoying life at beautiful Wilderswil (right next to Interlaken surrounded by the Bernese Oberland mountains). I consider myself blessed to be living where others come for holidays

Music and dance always have played a huge role in my life. My interests in music are very diverse. Be it Country, Pop, Disco, Rock or even the occasional “Deutscher Schlager” – I love it all

I started doing Jazz dance at the age of 11 and continued until I was 18. That’s when I started Ballroom and Latin classes at a social level. When I was 22, I was invited to participate at an aerobics class and I loved the experience. Just about after a month I decided to become an aerobics instructor and I taught aerobics classes for over 10 years – I created my own brand ‘aeroDance’ and my classes were aimed at experienced dancers who wanted to combine aerobics workouts with intricate choreography – every class ended with a ‘performance’ of the dance to specially edited track to match the steps. Looking back, I can see many similarities to line dancing

Now when it comes to line dance, I first got in touch with it in 1994 on a trip to Arizona. We had dinner at a cowboy themed bar and people were dancing in line. Obviously, I wanted to do what they did and they taught me the ‘Electric Slide’. After coming back to Switzerland, I somehow lost track, because line dance wasn’t as popular here back then as it is now

It was only in 2017 when I rediscovered line dancing at the ‘Interlaken Trucker & Country Festival’. I was struck by the hundreds of dancers – all in sync and looking just amazing. I knew, that’s my destiny and I learned my second dance (Tush Push) that very evening and I signed up for my first class the following Monday

After about a year I started holding workshops at our club and I’m now a freelance workshop instructor, choreographer and DJ for local events

I recently underwent bariatric surgery and so many good things have happened since. I have met so many kind and warm-hearted people and lots of new friends in line dancing and music around the world, even though I never personally met them

I feel blessed and privileged to be part of such a great team and community and am honoured to present my own show ‘Linedance Roulette’ on Linedancer Radio, where friendship is the biggest jackpot!


Linedance Roulette show playlist on Mixcloud

 A selection of Tino's favourite photos 

A selection of Tino's choreography